DREW HOO (Davisson-J 2020)

$75.00 Double Fan


DREW HOO (Davisson-J 2020)

DREW HOO is a huge 9 1/2" dark lavender spatulate with a dark blue-purple band and a wide diamond dusted cream to chartreuse throat that opens wide and flat. Substance is waxy, sunfast, and rainproof and is one of the most fragrant daylilies in the garden. Scapes are 32" with widely spaced 4-way branching, displaying 22 to 25 buds to perfection without crowding starting midseason and blooming well into the late season. DREW HOO has flawless, blue-green foliage and hardy, dormant plant habit. A personal favorite from the time it first bloomed in the seedling patch. This tetraploid is a cross of LINGERING LOVE X JUDY'S WORLD and is easily fertile both as a pod and pollen parent, even when the weather is hot!


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